As communities form partnerships and plan for action, it can help to learn about approaches taken by other communities. Be sure to read success stories from other communities, which may provide both inspiration and practical guidance.

Developing a framework or model for change is a critical way to convey the purpose and direction of an initiative. There are numerous approaches and toolkits that communities can draw upon. The following frameworks complement each other and offer a number of tools and practices that support local system building.

ABLe Change Framework
Innovation Zone Model
Asset Based Community Development

For communities in Illinois, collaborations may also want to explore the state’s local systems initiatives. Take a look at the below suggested reading list for reports that may give you collaboration additional ideas.

Making the Case for Investment in Early Childhood

    • For cutting edge research, videos, and tools for you to use on brain science and its relationship to policy and system building, explore the Harvard Center for the Developing Child.
    • Information and tools to understand and share the concept of “Return on Investment” for high quality early childhood program can be found at the Heckman Equation.
Early Childhood Systems Building Policy and Research

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