By working together and incorporating diverse perspectives to create effective partnerships, communities can be more impactful than when they work alone. When communities build effective local systems through collaboration, they are better able to create change.

Getting Started
Build a Vision: Identify a goal for the future of children in your community.
Engage Diverse Perspectives: Explore tools and strategies to bring together diverse outlooks.
Know Your Community: Use data to further explore your community’s needs and existing resources.
Think Systemically: Move from individual impact to that of the collective whole.

Understanding the Illinois Early Childhood System
Videos and Fact Sheets: Learn more about the wide range of programs for young children and families by viewing brief videos about eight different early childhood programs.

Entendiendo el Sistema de Infancia Temprana de Illinois
Videos y Hojas de Datos:
Aprenda más sobre el amplio rango de programas para niños pequeños y familias al ver videos breves sobre ocho diferentes programas de infancia temprana.

Organize for Action
Leadership: Develop leaders to guide and sustain change within your community.
Relationship Building: Build sustainable relationships across partners to increase your impact.
Governance: Extend participation to ensure you include diverse voices.
Structure: Lead engaging meetings and define solid collaboration structure.

Toolkits: Explore comprehensive guides to enhance your collaboration building work.

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