Applications Are Now Being Accepted for the Partner Plan Act Collaboration Institute!

Illinois Action for Children, in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development, the Illinois State Board of Education, and the Community Systems Development Subcommittee of the Illinois Early Learning Council, is pleased to begin accepting applications for the new Partner Plan Act Collaboration Institute (PPACI).

Driven by the ultimate goal to ensure that communities are working to help children birth though five—especially those from low-income families or families with multiple needs—enter kindergarten healthy, safe, ready to succeed, and eager to learn, PPACI will offer comprehensive training and technical assistance that will take your collaboration from striving to thriving. With three distinctive levels of engagement, the PPACI will meet you where you are.

  • Level 1: Developing Supports – A collaboration receiving Developing Supports will be in the beginning stages of systems-change work; it may be a fairly new collaboration and still be working on foundational elements such as bringing different stakeholders to the table and creating a shared agenda. It may also be an older collaboration that has undergone changes that require an in-depth review of fundamental systems work. Developing Supports includes 24 hours of consultation and technical assistance.
  • Level 2: Advancing Supports – A collaboration receiving Advancing Supports will be more firmly established, have defined governance structures, commit to increasing parent and community member leadership within the collaboration, and work to fulfill unmet community needs. Advancing Supports includes four in-person trainings and 24 hours of coaching.
  • Level 3 Thriving Supports – A collaboration receiving Thriving Supports will be well-established, have a significant presence in the community, commit to increasing parent and community member leadership within the collaboration, and be looking to evaluate the impact of their initiatives and strategies. Thriving Supports includes 24 hours of coaching.

In addition, all collaborations accepted into PPACI will receive:

  • An orientation;
  • Access to an online peer learning community;
  • On-demand, online modules and webinars;
  • Foundational trainings; and
  • Invitations to the Partner Plan Act annual conference.

When three-to-five collaboration members participate in PPACI, the outcomes will be significant and impactful. Collaborations will have an increased capacity to effectively lead change at the local level as members learn to:

  • Formalize and add structure to governance practices
  • Strategically join forces across sectors
  • Access and utilize local data for informed decision making
  • Explore and implement root cause analysis and action learning
  • Elevate parents to leadership roles within the collaboration

PPACI participants will also uncover the best approaches for identification and development of the most effective strategies that will lead to an increase in enrollment in early learning programs and elevate the quality of early learning programs in your community.

Through the unique and personalized structure of the PPACI, each collaboration will have the opportunity to delve deeply into the specific challenges they face, and then design customized blueprints that will map out the best approach for systems change based on the needs of their communities.

The PPACI will also provide guidance for transitioning from a “programs-thinking” to a “systems-thinking” mindset. This shift will bring about deeper and richer examinations into root-causes in order to determine the solutions that will make the greatest and most sustainable impact.

If your collaboration is striving to bring authentic and lasting systems change that will result in equitable child and family outcomes in your community, apply for the Partner Plan Act Collaboration Institute.

We encourage you to learn more about this exciting opportunity and the application process:

PPACI Information Webinar | Tuesday, November 27 | 11 a.m. – Noon CST

The deadline to apply is Friday, December 14, 2018. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

PPACI Application Overview and Guidelines
PPACI Application