Purpose: The Illinois Early Childhood Program Inventory is an effort to gather information and provide an overview of Illinois’ Early Childhood System including programs offered by DCFS, IDHS, IDHFS, IDPH and ISBE. The information gathered will serve as a resource to communities to determine what resources they have in their community–what stakeholders to reach.

Scope: This comprehensive list includes state and federal programs that support Illinois’ children (from birth through age 8) and their families. The inventory provides a brief profile of each program and is intended to provide basic programmatic information.

Click here to view Part 1     Click here to view Part 2  of the full program inventory in pdf form.

Additional information may be added to the inventory as it is shared with state and local stakeholders. Recommendations, corrections, and feedback on the inventory can be e-mailed to partnerplanact@actforchildren.org.

Program Inventory

Cover Page
Table of Contents

Early Childhood Project
Family Advocacy Centers – FAC List
Family Advocacy Centers Brochure
Intact Family Services
School Readiness Unit
Teen Parenting Services Network

All Kids

Better Birth Outcomes Providers
Child Care Assistance Program
Early Interv. (IDEA/Part C)CFC List
Family Case Management
Healthy Families
High Risk Infant Follow-Up
Migrant and Seasonal Head Start
Parents Care & Share1-Pager
Parents Too SoonPrograms
Perinatal Depression
Refugee and Immigrant Services
Teen Parent Services
WICLocal Office List

Childhood Asthma Initiative
CDPH Mini-Block Grant
Children Special Health Care Needs
Dental Sealant Program
Family Planning/Title X
IL Immunization Program
IL Lead Program
IL Subsequent Pregnancy Project
School Health Center Program
Teen Pregnancy Primary Prevention

EC Special Education (Part B)
Preschool for All
Prevention Initiative

Systems Development Initiatives
AOKSites & Links
Children’s Mental Health Partnership
Innovation Zones
State Provider Database

Federal Agencies
Early Head Start
Head Start

Additional Resources
EC Collaboration Resources

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