As part of the Consortium for Community Systems Development project, funded through the Race-to-Top-Early Learning Challenge Grant, a pilot program was launched using the ABLe Change Framework to train local collaborations in Illinois.  This pilot training program teaches local collaborations to think from a systems lens and take a community systems approach to change local and state problems facing young children and their families.

What is the ABLe Change Process?

The ABLe Change Framework which was developed by Michigan State University as a tool to support systems change efforts that challenge the status quo and lead to improved outcomes for children and their families.

What makes up the ABLe Change Framework?

The ABLe Change Framework includes an adaptive eight step process to address community issues using a systems change approach.  The ABLe Change process includes:

  1. Defining a targeted problem
  2. Understanding the local systems
  3. Adopting a shared agenda for systems change
  4. Designing powerful systems change strategies
  5. Building a climate for effective implementation
  6. Promoting quick wins
  7. Embedding an action learning process to support continuous improvement
  8. Adopting a systemic action learning infrastructure

As early childhood collaborations go through the ABLe Change training and receive support from their coaches, they are encouraged to follow the ABLe Change’s “Six Simple Rules” to guide them in using the process and working together to effectively transform their communities.  The “Six Simple Rules” help make sure that strategies are designed to powerfully shift community problems.  The rules are:

  1. Engage diverse perspectives
  2. Think systematically
  3. Incubate change
  4. Implement change effectively
  5. Adapt quickly
  6. Pursue social justice

We invite you to visit our website to learn more about the ABLe Change Framework.  You can also learn more about the ABLe Change Framework on their website.  Currently, there are ten local collaborations participating in Illinois and will complete their training this fall. They will continue to receive coaching support through the end of December 2016.

The ABLe Change Framework pilot training program is made possible by the generous support of the Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge Grant and Grand Victoria Foundation.  To learn more about the ABLe Change Framework pilot project, feel free to contact Edna Navarro-Vidaurre, Assistant Director of Community Systems Development at